Friday, May 25, 2012


Well, I suppose it was time to add just a little dash of drama to our lives. We recently had an orthopedic consult as part of the preparations for Norah's transfer to South Davis. They wanted x-rays of her hips and spine. The good news is that there is no scoliosis (yet). The not-so-good news was that the films suggested her hips were not in their sockets. They ordered an ultrasound to get a better look, and sure enough found that she has developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

One of two things will happen: either they'll be able to pop them in place while under anesthesia, or they'll have to go in surgically to clear some space and pop them in. This could include lengthening muscles or tendons, and/or clearing out debris from the socket before popping them in. She'll have to be casted afterward. 

They may coordinate all this with her soft palette cleft repair at 15-months. We're not sure just yet. It would be nice to have everything done under the same anesthesia, but it will have to be decided if that would be too much for her at once. We should know in a few months.

The good news here is that we caught the problem. Surgery will give Norah a fighting chance to avoid hip replacement surgery in childhood then in early adulthood like her daddy had. There's no guarantee that her hips will form perfectly, but it will hopefully help. 

Below are some fun pictures of our recent busy week or so. We're enjoying our last few days during this admit at PCMC. It's been difficult to think about how much we're going to miss everyone, so I'll save that for another post.

We're glad that since they've made her hearing aids so yummy, that they're also fairly waterproof.

Snoozing in mommy's lap.

PEEKABOO! Harper as a reputation for being shy at the hospital. He closed the door, curtain, and hid from everyone that was still in Norah's room.

Make-shift "fort" on daddy's lap.

She used to loathe oral suctioning. Now she thinks it's fun. Norah's speech therapist has really helped her with her oral aversion.

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