Sunday, April 29, 2012

The World Outside

There's a whole world out there that Norah doesn't know about. She doesn't know about winter snowflakes or cool spring breezes. She hasn't been to the park, the beach, or even grandma's house. The hospital is her world. She plays with her oral syringes, ballard suction catheter, EKG leads, and hearing aids. A wagon ride restricted to within the unit is a big deal... And she hasn't even known that for months since the start of respiratory illness season. Even rhinovirus reminded us that something as minor as the common cold can be sort of scary.

We live in the hospital, and it shows. But someday we'll get to enjoy outdoor fun of all four seasons. It's difficult to stay positive sometimes. And even more trying is maintaining a superhuman level of patience.

Left: The 12 mL syringe is the perfect size for her little hand. She fought sleep so hard, but eventually gave in. When she snoozes, she covers her lips with her hand and makes the cutest sucking sound with the tip of her tongue. It's my absolute favorite.
Right: The ballard suction catheter is the perfect size for her perfect little mouth.

That balloon-looking thing on the left is called a lung... but her favorite toy these days is her stethoscope

She is so lovely in the dress that I knitted for her. These photos have nothing to do with this post, but I couldn't resist.

Sweet sweet Harper, looking longingly at the world outside of Norah's hospital room. This photo sums up how we've all been feeling these days. 

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