Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wigs for Kids

One of our favorite nurses, Liz, wanted to do something nice for me. She surprised me by contacting her hair stylist to cut my hair for free! The experience was amazing. I ended up with a 20+" donation to Wigs for Kids (the first photo is of the five braids that I donated), which beats my record last time of an 18" donation. I am loving my short hair so much that I am going to be sort of sad when it grows in for the next donation.

Sure, I could have sold it for a pretty penny. I don't think I need to explain how much we could have used the money. But having been on the receiving end of gracious donors, the purpose of my generosity is reaffirmed. I love knowing that a sweet little girl is going to have a glorious wig during a tough time in her life. Self esteem is priceless.

The left photo shows it straightened and styled on the day it was cut... don't expect to see that again any time soon.

Our Easter family photo. My new favorite!

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