Friday, March 2, 2012

Care Conference

We had our recurring care conference on Thursday. We got together with some of Norah's many care givers to discuss how things are going and the current plan for care. I never fail to cry during or after these meetings.

Everything went well, and Norah is doing great, so that wasn't the cause for my tears. The problem is that these meetings remind me that Norah is so far from being ready to come home. They remind me that while she's happy and thriving, she is still a PICU patient. Her smile makes that easy to forget.

Will she wean from the ventilator soon? Probably not. Will she be home for her birthday? Not likely. Will she even be home for Christmas? I don't know. This experience has been the ultimate test of patience, strength, energy, and optimism. I'm feeling pretty tapped out of all four lately.
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