Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making Friends

I've recently connected with some pretty amazing moms via Facebook as well as in person at the hospital. A big shout-out to my new buddies, especially Hilary and Celeste.

So I have to tell you all: Norah has a kindred-twin. A nurse recently asked me if I'd be interested in meeting a particular mom in the PICU (on Valentine's day, of all days). She didn't say much more than that. We tracked one another down, and began to talk. Turns out, her daughter (born less than 2 months before Norah) has almost the exact same condition. I'd explain the differences, but it would be a bunch of genetic jibberish. Let's just say that the differences are relatively minor. So I've made a new friend in Celeste as well as her daughter Ava, who live only a bit northward in Perry, UT. It's shocking how alike Norah and Ava are, especially considering the extreme rarity of their condition. It was so special to compare notes and discuss doctors, treatments, and studies. We can appreciate and understand one another's worlds in a way that so few others can.

Despite having had several desats/blue episodes, in less than two weeks, Norah is doing well. She had a wonderful Valentine's Day, receiving a boxful of valentines from her fans at the hospital. Her volunteer auntie (who I adore) puts it best, saying that Norah is like a celebrity! I close with a bunch of recent photos:

Her glow-seahorse was one of her first and favorite toys. It really helps her fall asleep.

Norah tries to eat WooWoo, a borrowed friend.

A classic Norah face.

Is a caption really necessary for this one? Maybe just to thank Des for the lovely blanket!

My little valentine.

My bumble bee ballerina.

One word: JEGGINGS!

Though I can't hear Norah's laugh, I can feel it in my heart.

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