Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Uncle Greg and Lolo

A few weeks ago, my dad accidentally spilled the beans on the surprise that he and my brother were coming to visit. During the week leading up to their drive from California to Utah, Harper talked of little more than Uncle Greg and Lolo... or as Harper says, "Uncle Greg and Yoyo".

We had an incredible week together. They were a huge help with car repairs/maintenance as well as some yard work. We hung out, shopped a bit (thanks for the treadmill, Dad), played soccer in the back yard, played with Harper's cars (of course), and visited Norah at the hospital. The experience of my dad and brother meeting Norah for the first time was great. I think it was a little difficult for them to see her connected to so many wires, tubes, and machines, so I pointed out each attachment and explained what they did. My dad still panicked every time Norah let out the teensiest cough or made any face other than a smile. I gave him more than one smack, telling him to not freak me out with his alarm of "Shauna, what's wrong with her!?"

The visit went by way too fast. I sure love them to bits and hate living so far from them. Greg even let me give him a haircut the night before he left. My brother sure cleans up nice. And ladies... both my dad and brother are single!

She couldn't keep her eyes off of her Uncle Greg. He's so amazing with her, too. 


Lolo and his beautiful granddaughter. 

Yes, those selfless crazy men replaced the Mazda's alternator. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 32*F, and our rental house doesn't have a garage. There was still some snow on the grass.

Harper came with us a couple times during the week to see Norah. We had fun family story time.


Tuckered out after the long drive from the hospital.

After the hair cut! He wouldn't let me go shorter, but he looks so great with short hair! I sure do miss this guy. He's sweet, funny, brilliant, and all around awesome!

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