Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Waiting Game

I'm at the 39-week mark today, which means the baby's due date is in exactly one week. Of course, only a small percentage of babies are born on their actual due date, so really we're just playing the waiting game right now. When pregnant with Harper, I  had a scheduled c-section during my 37th week. So not only am I more pregnant than I've ever been, but I'm in all-new territory. I've been having contractions that have grown in strength and occurrence, but I (obviously) haven't gone into labor yet. We'll see what my doctor and midwife have to say at my Thursday appointment.

After having lived in Phoenix for 8 years, I'm not typically one to complain about any temperature under 100... but yes it has been hot. Yes, my feet are swollen. Yes, I am shorter tempered and more emotional than usual. And yes, I get fatigued after doing something as simple as cooking dinner. However, I still say that this pregnancy is much easier than last time; I don't mind that the baby isn't here yet. Of course I'd rather s/he come sooner than later, but I'm patient. I want to avoid induction or any other type of "intervention" as to increase my chance of a successful VBAC. Of course I'm reasonable and I will make sure we make the right decisions for the health of both the baby and myself, but after doing a pretty good deal of reading and research on the subjects of VBAC and natural birthing methods, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I know things don't always go as planned, but hopefully I'll have good news in the week(s) to come!
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