Monday, July 25, 2011

Practice makes.... perfect?

I had a second false start last night. Last night I had regular contractions that began around 2am. They were stronger than last time and were just as consistent. As time rolled on, I decided to get in the bathtub. I wanted to see if they'd stick around or dissipate with the comfort of the water. I figured it would be a good idea so I'd know if Jeff needed to stay home or not. It was starting to feel like the real thing. The water was so fantastic... I really hope I get one of the delivery rooms with a birthing tub in it.

After about 30 minutes in the bathtub, the contractions were still going when I finally crawled into bed & fell asleep around 4:45am, but were gone by the time Harper woke me at about 7:30am (which by the way is sleeping in for him). I've had a few here & there today, but the baby is still cozy in my belly.

Does practice make perfect? Well I'm sure the birth will be perfect in whatever way it happens... and I'm sure this practice is doing me good. I've been practicing my HypnoBirthing relaxation techniques & I feel more and more prepared every day. My estimated due date is Wednesday - the day after tomorrow. It's gone by so fast!

Come on out, little peanut... we're all ready to meet you!
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