Sunday, January 2, 2011

So This is Christmas...

It was indeed a Merry Christmas, though it wasn't a white one. We spent our holiday at Jeff's parents house, which is always a great time. On Christmas Eve, Mr. and Mrs. Claus made their annual visit. Even though they brought him a Buzz Lightyear straight from Santa's workshop, Harper reacted exactly as we anticipated. Hmm. Maybe next year.

Christmas morning was mostly quiet. Harper woke up around 8:30, so we had a lazy, slow start. Once he opened the "vrooms" from his Auntie Shelly, he wasn't too interested in opening other gifts. You can even see his new cars in this picture, which he has scarcely put down since he received them. He made out like a bandit this year, and he's since been playing with all his new loot. A big thanks to my parents, Jeff's parents, and all of his aunts & uncles (including his Auntie Kristen) and of course good ol' Saint Nick.

So what did Jeff and I get? Well, in these last few years since tightening our budget, we always set a monetary limit on Christmas that we've been good about keeping. This year we had a bit of a difficult time staying within that limit. Let's just say that I sure have been enjoying my new goodies from Knit Picks. I also have to mention that my in-laws got us our very own dehydrator, which has already been put to good use. It was quite possibly the most thoughtful gift of this season, as my mother-in-law Carol likely knew that these three (and a half) vegetarians wouldn't want to borrow anyone else's meaty dehydrator. :) And yes, there is tofu jerky in our very near future.

But more than any consumeristic gift that we could give one another, we celebrated all of the things we're thankful for including love, health in our family, and the happy life we share. I know, so cheesy. But it's difficult not to be with this kind of fun in your life:

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I wish you all a happy, prosperous New Year.
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