Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

It's hard to believe it's already been one year since we got married! We remember it as if it were yesterday, but so much has happened between now and then. Winning the lottery, buying Bill Gates House, and...oh, well none of thats stuff has happened yet, but even better things have. It's hard to imagine how amazing it is to have a child until you actually have your own. It's the most amazingly wonderful thing in the world and Harper is such a beautiful boy, it's just incredible. Shauna is the best mother (up there with our own Mom's! Hi Mom's), it's so fun to watch her interact with Harper and how he can be screaming in my arms one moment, and soothed and sleepy in hers the next. Having a baby has been harder than I ever thought it would be, and even harder for her after I went back to work and she's taken over the midnight feeding and diaper dealings. She's wonderful at it and I'm constantly amazed at how effortlessly she makes it all seem. Although I do think that she's secretly telling Harper to save all his really stinky diapers for when I'm holding him :)

We still constantly daydream about the beach house and going back some day (preferring sooner than later haha). The next time we go back, it will be with Harper and we'll have so many things to show him and have him experience for the first time, just like we experienced together our first visit.

It's been the best few years of my life, and there's one reason why. She's the most beautiful, caring, funny, smart and most wonderful person I know. She's my wife and the mother of our beautiful baby boy and I couldn't imagine life without her. Thanks for everything wonderful that you do Shauna, I love you. Here's to year 1 and the unlimited possibilities that the next years hold.

Happy Anniversary my heart,

Your two men, Jeffrey and Harper
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