Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Harper will be one month old on Saturday the 20th, though he is technically 4 weeks old today! During the last doctor visit, we received relieving news that he finally gained weight! He's finally back up over his birth weight at 8 lbs 8 oz. He hadn't been gaining weight, so we were worried. He was only 8 lbs 0 oz during his previous appointment 4 days prior. We're so thankful that we hit that important milestone. We'll continue to work on chubbing up our little one.

Jeff's family came for a great visit this past weekend! We did some fun tourist-type activities, but more importantly, they got to meet Harper! They were expecting him to be bigger, but I guess it is easy to forget how teeny tiny newborn babies are. It was wonderful having them here. With their visit as well as my mom's, its made me wish even more that we could live closer to family.

Harper's pediatrician has us on a rigid feeding schedule because of the problems he's had gaining weight, but it is going well overall. I'm trying to sleep when he does, but it can be tough during the day except for a few naps with him here & there. We've had a tough day today, as he's been pretty fussy. I love those precious moments when he sleeps so peacefully. Sometimes, he lightly snores (I swear, he learned it from his daddy)! Even when things get stressful or difficult, I do my best to enjoy this time we're sharing together. I know I'll miss it so much when I have to go back to work.

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