Monday, August 11, 2008

One More Week!

Though we were expecting to have an idea of the induction (or c-section) date from today's appointment, we're going to be waiting another week to make a decision. Yet again, our doctor has shown us that her style and philosophy of care are fantastic. She laid out the many possible scenarios and options, as well as the risks and benefits of each. Of course, we could wait for the full 40-weeks, but the baby is so big (my external measurement is at about 44-weeks!), and my blood pressure is so high, that pregnancy may get to be too risky at that point. She is in no way trying to persuade us to do any one certain thing, which we love. She gives us the information, and empowers us to make our own decisions with her complete support. I do have a distinct feeling (and I think she feels the same way), that this baby won't be "fitting". So, we're going to give it one more week, when I will technically be considered full term at 37 weeks.

We have an afternoon appointment scheduled for next Monday, where we'll be making some decisions. If the baby has dropped into the birth canal (I thought it maybe had, but she said s/he hasn't at all), then I'll be trying for a natural (though induced) delivery. If not, we'll be scheduling a c-section.

So, the plan is still for next week, we just don't know exactly when. We'll let you all know! (Greg, we're still trying for the 21st!)
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