Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Code Pink!

For the overly superstitious out there, you may not want to read this post. Some believe that assigning a discharge date will jinx her chances of coming home on that date. 

The only things that could delay her coming home on our target date would be a problem arranging home nursing (for weeknights), or some sort of acute illness. 

As it stands, our goal is to discharge on Tuesday, June 18.

I've long carried an empty threat of "pulling a Code Pink", which is the standard hospital code for when a patient goes missing. Many of Norah's caregivers have joined in on grandiose schemes to bust her out of the hospital. In honor of finally getting to pull our code pink, we would love for everyone to wear pink on our discharge day. (Credit for this idea goes to one of my bestest friends, Jaci!) I'll keep you all posted on the day to wear pink. 
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