Friday, June 21, 2013

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

For the last few days, having Norah at home has felt like a dream. It's been wonderful, stressful, tiring, and an absolute dream come true. 

South Davis gave us the most amazing send-off. We arrived at about 10:45am. Much of the staff wore pink tops, while others donned pink leis for our honorary code pink. (Thanks to all of you out there that wore pink! we loved seeing all of the photos of everyone celebrating from afar!) Two of her nurses, Nikki and Savannah came in on their day off. We were all ready as ever for the big day.

They presented us with gifts, including books that made us all cry. For me, it was a big ugly heaving sob. We packed the remainder of Norah's things, and switched her to our home equipment. The room was filled with so many people. As we wheeled out toward the elevators, the charge nurse Lorey called over the PA system to announce our "honorary code pink". She's not an emotional person, but she was crying. We all were. 

When we reached the lobby, it was packed full of both patients and staff. They clapped and cheered for us as we left the building. We had done it. Almost 23 months without a single day missed in the hospital. 

We took photos outside. Jaci Cecily, and Grami Patti (Cecily's mom) had come too. Cecily expressed to Bobbi (one of Norah's primary nurses) that she knew how much it hurt to discharge Norah. I gave everyone hugs. Once all loaded into the car, we insisted that they all have their own little goodbyes with Norah, including kisses. We were discharged. They are now our friends instead of our care team. HIPAA be damned, they were getting their kisses!

We pulled into our driveway to find pink tissue flowers decorating the house, along with a hot pink sign on the door that declared "CODE PINK". Cecily and Jaci had been pretty sneaky!

So how have we been doing? Fantastic. Sure, we've cried tears of joy and anxiety. We've already had to do an unscheduled trach change. We've been trying to find a groove with her cares. We don't have a nurse yet (aside from Cecily spending the night on Wednesday, and Jaci coming over on Thursday!). But I am in heaven. Last night, Jeff was holding Norah while I held Harper. It was perfect. It's hard to ask for anything more than having our entire family under the same roof. 

Thanks to all of you who helped make this possible. To those of you who babysat Harper during Norah's surgeries or rough PICU days... To those of you who donated money... To those of you who squeezed a bag to turn her color from blue to pink... To those of you who performed CPR on that awful day... To those of you who treated and cared for Norah, To those of you who have sent love and well wishes... I thank you all for your support and care. 

Please stay tuned as we tackle this next adventure. 
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