Monday, December 24, 2012

Magic Wand

When I am asked by various people if there is something they can do for me, I frequently respond with, "Only if you have a magic wand..." I've often felt that there is little anyone can truly do to help us.

Yesterday I realized that these offers aren't about fixing our problems. They're not about taking away pain or tears. Instead, these offers are about helping take small burdens away. They're about bringing smiles to our faces. And they're about showing how much love there is in this world to share.

I was recently contacted by a wonderful local family, The Billingsleys. They wanted to do something special for sweet, brave, inspirational Norah by spoiling her silly for Christmas. They wanted to make this holiday extra special for our family. Yesterday we had the privilege of meeting Sarah, Brian, and their sweet son Bentley, who is just one month younger than Norah. Sarah held Norah for a bit, we all chatted, and they loaded us up with tons of gifts.

But it isn't quite as simple as that. Sarah and Brian reached out to friends, family, and coworkers to raise an astounding $500 for Norah's gifts. They proactively committed themselves to doing something special for a family going through a tough time, and I am so honored that they chose us. They deserve so much more recognition that I could ever hope to drum up.

We send the most heartfelt gratitude to all of those involved with this incredible act of love, especially the Billingsleys. You may not have had a magic wand, but that sprinkling of magic dust is going a long way. Thank you thank you thank you! You have helped us give our daughter the Christmas she deserves.

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