Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back From a Rocky Week

Norah and Auntie Cecily saying "ta-ta for now".
Look at the love they share!
What a crazy week. Things were pretty scary for a few days, but when Norah finally started to get better, we were all so relieved. Man, that girl is as tough as they come. The day of discharge, Norah decided to spike a fever. Apparently she wanted to stay in the PICU. We were having none of that though. We did lots of labs that were reassuring, so we did an evening transfer back to South Davis on Monday (sorry to SDCH with our admit just 5 minutes before shift change!). Our "overnight stay" became a full week, but we weren't necessarily surprised. She is still showing symptoms of rhinovirus, but her nurses and RTs are staying on top of the extra care she needs. As much as we LOVE the PICU and the people there, they have too many dangerous cooties.

Coming back to South Davis this time honestly felt like coming home. I just dumped down all of my bags, unpacked, and gave Norah a very peaceful cuddle in the recliner. Like I said - the PICU peeps are our family. They know Norah better than anyone and have treated every situation both acute and chronic. But it is a very very very sad place. I met a few families during this stay that, as always, tugged on my heart. A family losing their less than week-old baby due to a perforated bowel. A heart kiddo and his mom, newly trach'd, super adorable, and facing a new life ahead of them.

But I also had an amazing experience while there. I met up with my friends, the Pack Family. Oh I love them so much. You can read Kelly's account of our meet-up here. It was so emotional, and so incredible. I felt honored to be able to help arrange things for them, as well as be there to cry with them as we went around the PICU. I'll never look at Bed 2 the same. Kelly and Ryan couldn't be there when their sweet Colum was in the PICU on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, because they were fighting for their own lives next door at the U of U Hospital. Norah and I were there though, and I feel so deeply connected to this family. I love that they got to meet Norah, though she was pretty out of it post-op on Monday. She was in pain, bloody, sleepy, and loaded up with medical equipment, but they didn't see any of that. They saw our beautiful girl for who she is. It felt so good to be with Kelly and Ryan. Our situations are very different, but as I told Kelly, we've walked down paths with our families that few will ever experience or even understand. We could cry together, curse together, and share stories and experiences without judgement or awkwardness. It was wonderful. (Love you, Kelly!)

Norah trying REALLY hard not to smile!
So what's next for us? Well we will have a full round of clinic appointments with Orthopedics, ENT, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, and Augiology. (Is that enough "ologies" for you?) ENT is going to have to go back in to get the rest of that monster granuloma mentioned in my last post. Which means general anesthesia again. We're going to see if we can coordinate it with both her sedated hearing test and hip surgery if Norah will indeed need it. I can't wait to get this round of surgeries and procedures behind us so we can focus on transitioning to the home ventilator. I just want to bring Norah home. So badly.

Thank you all for your love and well-wishes over this really difficult week. Norah can use all the love out there, and we sure appreciate your thinking of us. 
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