Friday, October 19, 2012

Finally Catching a Break

Sometimes I wonder when our family is going to catch a break. I figure I have good karma coming my way. I let people into traffic, I wait for pedestrians, I open the door for strangers, I go out of my way to be helpful and courteous to others. I don't have to tell my readers that we've had a trying time during this last year or so.

Well, we've finally caught a break.

We had an appointment with Norah's orthopedist on Thursday. Back in July, he fitted Norah for a hip harness to help push her hips into place. The amazing news? It is working. Her hips feel solid in place. The even more amazing news? This means she has no immediate need for hip surgery! Oh but it gets better...

Right as we were walking into the clinic at Primary Children's, South Davis' social worker called me. She let me know our insurance company approved our request to take Norah for a day visit HOME on Christmas Day. Yes, my wonderful readers, you read that right. For the first time since September 6, 2011, when Norah was only 41 days old, she will be home for a few hours to be with her family on Christmas Day.

Though we have never missed a day with her, we feel that we have missed so much of Norah's life, and it hurts. She hasn't been home since she was a teeny tiny newborn. She hasn't been home since she was struggling to cling to life. She is so different now. She's a toddler (though she doesn't "toddle" yet). She smiles. She laughs. She throws fits. She's still fragile, but nowhere near as fragile as she was the last time she was home with us. She will get to be in her new room of our new house for the first time. She will get to play with her Harper. She will get to roll around on the carpet - something so simple that she has never done.

It will only be for a few hours, and it will be so hard to take her back to the hospital. But it is going to be worth it. It is a dream come true. But there is more that will be bittersweet on this day. This day will also mark the one-year anniversary that our dear friends, the Packs, had to say goodbye to their sweet boy Colum. While my heart will be singing for the temporary joy of a few hours at home with Norah, it will be heavy with sorrow for the pain that my beautiful friends are enduring.

Here's to hoping that nothing gets in our way of this Christmas Day visit. No illnesses, no bumps in the road... nothing. Just a perfect few hours of bliss.
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