Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well, if nothing else, we're in familiar territory. Norah is still hanging in there, and at least now is comfortably resting. We had a few little issues yesterday where she needed to be bagged, but for the most part she's pretty stable. She's getting a bunch of meds to help support her, including some continuous sedation to keep her relaxed without totally knocking her out. My least favorite is the albuterol, because while it helps open up her airway and lungs, it sure makes her feel awful. But they're pumping her full of different things, and are monitoring her closely. I'm so relieved we're in the PICU.

She's been playing catch-up with sleep. It reminds me of how she was after she arrested in November. Not a day goes by that I don't think of that awful day. Maybe eventually I'll be able to push it out of my mind, but it seems that won't happen anytime soon. Anyway - when we arrived in the PICU after that incident, she slept for like 2-3 days and hardly wanted to do a thing. It seems like she's in a similar recovery mode. However, this time, she will occasionally arch her back and let out her silent cry. She's still having a difficult time, and she's still hurting. My poor girl.

There are a few moments here and there when she tries to play or be affectionate. It reminds me that she is a tough girl, and will get better. It's as if she is reassuring me. But when she and I snuggle, she often looks at me with a weak cry, telling mama all about her owies, so I can reciprocate the reassurance.

A forced smile through drugged eyes. These moments may be rare and fleeting, but they remind me that she's going to get better. She's puffy from all the fluids and steroids they're giving her.

Trying to play with Inky and Piglet. Norah is even adorable with a severe case of bed-head.

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