Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 Months and Counting

I have just under two months left in this pregnancy. I've been nesting by tackling clutter in the house to make room for the baby while also making the house more comfortable in general. We recently sorted through our extensive DVD collection & sold them to Not only did it get rid of about five boxes of stored DVDs, but it also put baby money in our pockets. Jeff is dreading doing the same with video games, but I hope I'll be able to talk him into it sooner than later.

We had our 32-week ultrasound today. When I was pregnant with Harper, Jeff never had to miss a single appointment - he went to every one. Now that we have to juggle more than just our own schedules, Jeff has only been able to go to three appointments this time, even though I've been going every two weeks. I thought this week would be a good opportunity for him to meet our new nurses, midwife, and doctor. Plus, it was an ultrasound appointment, so that's always a bonus. I'm so grateful to Jeff's sister Emily for always being so willing to watch Harper. I'm also grateful that Harper is being less of a stink about going over there, too. He can be so antisocial sometimes.

The scan photos look a little better in person, but you should be able to make out the face profile using the labels below. It looks like we'll have another Filipino-nosed baby in the family. No substantial news to report on the growth front. The long bones have still not progressed much. They've taken a month to grow what you would typically see take two weeks for a baby without this condition. They're measuring about 22-23 weeks, though the baby is 32-weeks. Everything else seems on track, which is the best possible news we could hope for.

While we were watching the scan, the baby poked out his/her tongue at us. We also saw that the baby has some pretty chubby looking legs, so that is something to look forward to. Don't you just love chubby little baby legs? It looks like this baby will have extra chubby, extra little legs. :)

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