Thursday, May 5, 2011

28 Weeks

At 28 weeks, I'm now in my third trimester. And whoa boy is it starting to feel like it. Though I've gained less weight than last time (can I get a woot woot) & my belly is smaller, I am starting to feel BIG. I had a doctor appointment and ultrasound this morning. I won't be posting any pictures this time because the baby just wasn't cooperating. They pictures I brought home are mostly shapeless black and white blotches. The most exciting news is that I passed my 1-hour glucose test with flying colors. When I was pregnant with Harper, my 1-hour test came back as "borderline", though my fasting 4-hour test was normal. This time my levels were great. What a relief... it's just one less thing for us to worry about, and we'll take everything we can get.

However, the ultrasound showed that the baby's long bones (femurs & humeruses) were proportionately smaller to the rest of the body than they were during the 24-week ultrasound. My doctor said it was nothing to get worried about, but was something they would be monitoring. It also looks like the vertebrae are shortened and possibly flattened, but that's to be expected with this condition. The good news is that the bones are growing straight (no curves), and the chest and abdomen appear to be growing relatively propotionate so far, which is important for organ development.

Baby actual: 28 weeks
Head: 29 weeks (no surprise... we are a big-headed family!)
Abdomen: 26-27 weeks
Long Bones: 19-20 weeks
Estimated weight: 1lb 4oz +/-4oz (average at this age would be 2.2 lbs)

The numbers speak for themselves. The stress and worries are definitely up a notch, but I am still so excited for this baby. I suppose life isn't supposed to be easy, right?

And because he always seems to know when I can use a little extra sunshine, Jeff surprised me with the loveliest bouquet of flowers. It was a sweet early Mother's Day gift accompanied by a very thoughtful card. Sorry, I don't think your model of computer screen comes with scratch n sniff. You'll have to take my word that they smell wonderful.

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