Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Proving Us Wrong

For quite some time, Jeff and I have maintained our assumption that Harper would skip crawling and go straight to walking. After all, my mom said I did the same when I was a baby. Well, this week he proved us wrong.

Jeff and I were chatting while Harper was playing on the floor. We were casually talking while watching him play, when Jeff asked, "Is he crawling?"

I had been looking right at him, and my brain didn't quite register that he was indeed crawling. Well, I'm not totally sure you could call it a crawl. He's definitely on his hands and knees, but he more scoots along the floor in a crouched position. We'll have to snap a picture or take a video to post. It's adorable.

However, within 24 hours, he took his first unassisted step. He's definitely not ready for independent walking, but he's quite close. He thinks it is a fun game to pull himself up, let go, then catch himself on me if he leans forward, or have me catch him if he leans backwards. Once he's stable again, he lets out his big belly laugh. Thankfully, he only plays this game when someone is around to catch him. I'm thankful that he understands that it is a game only to be played with a grown up.

He continues to capture everyone's heart with his incredible smile that fills his face with joy. His laughter is just as heartwarming, and I can't get enough! He is also becoming well known for dancing his heart out anytime he hears music (or even just about anything resembling music i.e. my singing to him). He's almost a year old, and I can hardly believe time has gone by so quickly.

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