Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun Love

I know I've probably made you all queasy a few times with the way I gush over Jeff. But this time, you won't be reading about candy, hearts, flowers, or silly mushiness. Instead, I present you with a simple experience that I couldn't resist sharing.

Last night, Jeff and I were having a quiet moment on the couch, hanging out and eating ice cream after Harper had gone to bed. I reached over to give him a taste of mine. He opened the hatch, so to speak, but my aim was a bit off, so ice cream dribbled down his chin. Sure enough, (without thinking), I used the spoon to scoop the dribble - then went one step farther and proceeded to feed the dribble to to him. We both burst into giddy laughter. Though we couldn't stop laughing to say it, we both had a great understanding for the fun of our relationship and how parenthood has really taken over every little thing of our lives (which is not a bad thing).

No more than 5 minutes later, Jeff had spooned a bite of his for me. I could sense him in my peripheral vision to my right, so swung around towards him. Oops! To my surprise, the spoon full of Phish Food ice cream was now right in front of my face. In a flash, my nose and the spoon collided, leaving me with a chocolate covered nose. Queue the raucous laughter.

While just one of the many ingredients, love should be about having fun... and loads of laughter.
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