Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

This year has been full of surprises and wonderful times. Of course, the top of the list is welcoming Harper into this world. Seeing our perfect baby boy for the first time definitely is at the top of my memory list - right up there with our wedding day memories. This year also took us to Utah, which has been fun so far with Jeff's family. Harper loves all of the attention he's been getting. Everyone comments on his contagious smiles, often saying "He's the happiest baby I've ever seen" (though you can't tell by the second picture haha)! I couldn't resist posting my two favorite runner-up Christmas card pictures.

We had a wonderfully memorable Christmas at Jeff's parents' house. Harper sat on Santa's lap, when Mr. and Mrs. Clause came over to bring presents to all of the good children. Yeah Harper!! Since he was such a good boy, there were lots of presents under the tree for him. They should tie him over until his first birthday party.

I've gotten really behind in blogging. Between taking care of Harper, looking for child care arrangements for when I go back to work soon, and trying to find my Utah groove, I haven't had too much time to blog. I'll try to be better about it, but I make no promises - especially when I have to go back to work.

Jeff, Harper, the dogs, and I will be spending New Year's Eve at Jeff's parents' house. I can't help but remember that exactly one year ago from today, we were calling our families to tell them that we were expecting a baby in September (which turned out to be August)! This year has gone by so fast (but if you had asked me about pace when I was huge and pregnant, I would have had a different opinion). Here's to a great year behind us, and a great year to come. Happy New Year!

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