Friday, June 27, 2014


I had this long, intense post written... when I accidentally deleted it. Yep, me - the person people turn to for computer help... I deleted the post and it auto-saved. Nice, huh? I just can't bring myself to re-write it. Perhaps you should be thankful that my other post was deleted... it was pretty long-winded (as I tend to be). But I wanted to break my blogging silence, at least for this one post. So where have I been? Enjoying life, of course. We've been living in the moment, and enjoying every bit of it.

The rumors are true that Norah was decannulated on June 4th. To say she's doing great would be an understatement. We're all adjusting to this new life. It's amazing what can happen in a year to such a strong-willed girl. She is strong, healthy, and enjoying her new trach-free life. We're all enjoying our new trach-free life. Norah is now in HD. She is more vibrant, active, vocal, mobile and just as sassy as ever.

The trach/vent mom in me will always be in there somewhere. But someday I'll forget the size and style of her trach. I'll forget her old vent settings. I'll forget the weight and juggle of equipment in my arms. I'm sure the first time I forget the oxygen tank (that is rarely, if ever used), Jeff, always the worrier, will be right behind me with it. And as we wean off of our private duty (night) nursing, I'm sure the trach/vent mom will be stirring within me, at the ready for any respiratory emergency.

Her medical journey is not over, but her rocky start is. She can finally breathe on her own. I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to all of you, to all of her caregivers, to technology, and to the love that has lifted her up and surrounded her since the moment she was born. Thank you for sharing in her journey... It isn't over yet.

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