Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello, Springtime

This morning, I am sipping my coffee from my favorite place in our house: Norah's room. The Northern Utah snow has finally given way to warmer weather, and little signs of spring are here. Little birds are playing outside of Norah's window. If Norah were here with me, I would do my best to tell her what the birds sound like, since her naked ears wouldn't be able to hear them... And a current favorite activity of hers is dismantling her hearing aids.

Norah is the happiest kid I've ever known. She's content to play by herself. She laughs at her movies. She laughs at her goofy family. She plays silly games, makes funny faces, and knows how to artfully deliver sass with a playful smirk on her face that makes it impossible to be angry or annoyed. There has always been something about Norah that draws people in. She has a sort of intangible magnetic quality to her that most everyone feels immediately. She is intelligent, beautiful, and so very brave. How did we get to lucky to have this amazing girl as our daughter?

On Saturday, we went outside to soak up some sunshine. Norah was a little freaked out by the bright devil ball of light and the fierce 1mph breath-stealing breeze in her face, but we protected her from the elements. We were out there a good 45 minutes, and we all loved every moment of it.

Time to process some vitamin-D.

Norah gives her Uncle Jared the stink eye while
he and almost-Auntie Sarah read to her
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