Saturday, February 2, 2013


Norah went in for yet another removal of tissue (granuloma) blocking her airway around her trach. Our ENT used a different method to remove it, this time actually taking out her trach tube to get at all the problem tissue. When he did, he noted that her tracheomalacia is much worse than he had originally thought. Basically, this means that her trachea (airway) sort of collapses instead of staying rigid and open like a straw. Every time he's looked in there before, it has been with the trach tube in there, so it helps stent open her airway. The only real cure is for Norah to get bigger and stronger. While growth is particularly slow for Norah and her diagnosis, it has definitely been the trend for answers to her medical problems.

What does this mean? Sigh, I don't fully know. But I do know that she will probably have the vent and trach longer than we had originally thought. I suppose we are already past that 12-18 month projected time with a trach. But if life with my girl means life with a trach and vent, then that's just the way it will have to be. We'll take her no matter what comes with it. At this point, it is all part of her, and these life-sustaining technologies have become a part of her that I am so very proud of.

Once in awhile, I am reminded of how great we have it. Other times, I am reminded that life is pretty tough. But it's not just our lives that are trying... life's difficulties are just part of the human condition. Everyone has their complaints - but as I've always said, should you ever feel down, take a visit to your local children's hospital. You will see hope and courage like you would not believe.

Recent losses in my and Jeff's extended family have reminded me that, while life is beautiful, it is also so sad, and so hard. So everyone, be careful out there. And take gentle care of those that you love. Life is fleeting, and we should do everything we can to take advantage of the beauty and love it has to offer.
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