Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Nap Time

We met with both Early Intervention and Utah School for the Deaf and Blind today. It was a somewhat busy afternoon, and these visits always leave Norah a bit worn out. Early Intervention is particularly good at stretching Norah to her activity limits... In a good way of course.

Both Norah and her roommate were in need of a nap. So we dimmed the lights, Jeff engaged Harper in some quiet play time (with his Nintendo DS), and I snuggled up with Norah in the recliner. It was so peaceful that she fell asleep rather quickly in my arms. At this point, I would typically pick up my knitting or read my Kindle. Instead, I decided to simply live in the moment, and rock my sweet girl while she dreamed against me.

I fell asleep with her in my arms. Sure, it was only 20 minutes or so, but I woke with tears in my eyes. They were tears of both joy and sadness. I've never fallen asleep holding Norah before. It was the sweetest and simplest of pleasures. Shared nap time was a daily thing with Harper. It was something I naturally took for granted. And here I am now, my daughter almost 19 months old, and I had never napped with her in my arms. My heart was fulfilled and lonely at the same time. I wish we could nap together all the time. But I'll take what I can get.
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