Monday, June 25, 2012

Gratitude and Celebration

Norah will be eleven months old on Wednesday, and she is as happy as ever. Her first birthday is right around the corner. When I think of what it's taken to get this far, I get emotional. I sometimes think about what would have happened if they didn't bring her back to us on that awful day in November. I think about life without our sweet girl, and I'm so thankful that it isn't reality. Some of my readers understand the loss of a child, and for that, my heart aches for you.

To those of you that have been there with us through everything, I thank you too. I thank you for the care you've given, the love and affection you've shared, and the effort you've made to have Norah in your life. And for those of you that have supported us from afar, I thank you too. Everyone's visits, words of support, and huge hearts mean the world to us.

Though it hasn't come without challenges, we've never missed a single day with Norah at the hospital. Our comfort is that she will someday come home. Once she does, we will still have a tough road ahead, but we know who we can count on; thank you. In the meantime, we're going to start planning Norah's first birthday party. Though her birthday is July 27th, mark your calendars for the afternoon of Saturday, July 28th!
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