Thursday, June 7, 2012

Familiar Faces

When we transferred from PCMC's PICU to SDCH, we were told by so many PCMC staff members that they would come visit. I worried that those promises were fleeting, and that we'd be feeling a little lonely up in Bountiful. Can you blame me for my skepticism? Well, it was all unfounded. We've been there for just over a week, and we've already had quite a few visitors. This warms my heart because we sure adore PCMC as much as I think they adore us. Thank you all so much! I've posted some earlier photos, but below are a few photos of some of our visitors just over the last few days... I wish I had gotten photos with everyone else, too. It just means they have to come back!

Two gorgeous girls: Janie was one of our favorite Respiratory Therapists EVER. Norah was ecstatic to see her. The moment she walked up to Norah's crib, Norah's legs and arms were whipping around wildly, and she had the biggest smiles!

Cecily (who at this point needs no introduction) and her parents came for a visit, too. They are the cutest family, and have become part of ours.

Andrea and her daughters came to give Norah a bath, dress her in the cutest orange outfit that they brought for her, and paint her toenails. They knew we would love it, and it fits her perfectly! Finally - a shirt that doesn't fit like a dress, and shorts that don't fit like pants!

She looks great in orange!

Left: Auntie Emily hurrying her hubbs off the phone so she can enjoy cuddle time. Norah, in predictable fashion, wants both Emily's glasses and her phone. Right: Grandma Gunnell reading to Harper during their visit.

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