Friday, December 30, 2011

Penthouse Suite: Norah's Corner

Norah is now the proud resident of the PICU's "penthouse suite". The corner room in the PICU has lots of light (thanks to extra windows), and is larger than the other rooms. I finally talked my way into getting moved to that room since we're going to be there for so long. The room is all decorated, and has been dubbed "Norah's Corner" to go with her semi-unintentional Winnie the Pooh theme. I'm already going to have to take new photos that show the artwork we placed on the wall. I'm also going to make a fabric-covered bulletin board to show off family photos and pictures colored for her from Harper and cousins. We love Norah's Corner!

Decals on the outside door to liven the room up

A shelf I put together on Christmas day, along with more decals.

Pooh Bear bedding to match!

A couch for mother-daughter slumber parties

 Enjoying her physical therapy while Grandma and her Aunties Em and Shel visited

She loves her new room!

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