Thursday, November 17, 2011

Out of the ICU!

Three is my lucky number, and they say that "the third time is the charm", right? Let's certainly hope so. Norah transferred back to South Davis for her third stay. Let's hope this one sticks until it's time for her to come home. South Davis rented and trained their respiratory therapists on the only ventilator that will work for Norah. She has expensive taste, that's for sure.

Though Life Flight came to transport her via ambulance, she moved a step up from the isolette to a gurney due to her growth. Speaking of growth, she's up to 4.4 kg, which is 9.68 lbs. I recently realized that Norah isn't a newborn anymore. It makes me sad to think that I missed so much of that wonderful but fleeting phase. She's developed so much in the last few months, and almost all of that development has happened in the hospital. I sure miss my baby girl.

Our family has been divided for almost four months now. This division has become our new "normal", but it certainly hasn't gotten any easier. Sure, I don't cry every day anymore. Harper no longer seems to feel abandoned every time we leave him with a family member for the day. But that doesn't mean it is any easier. We've only learned to cope with it better. I still feel reluctant to leave the hospital at the end of each visit. I still think of her constantly, and ache to be together. I don't think it will ever get easier. But we make the best of it. We smile and laugh with each other as well as the hospital staff. We cuddle and play, and do our best to make the most of the time that we do have together. 

So precious in the hair accessories made by one of Jeff's co-workers just for Norah!

I just can't get over her sweet face. And those eyelashes kill me!

So precious!

Finally settled in at South Davis

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