Sunday, September 18, 2011

Norah's Sweet Face

Presenting for the first time EVER: Norah's canula-, tube,- and tape-free face! You may also notice that she's sporting a new trach tube. This one is longer and more flexible so her little neck and head will be much more comfy! She was super sleepy due to the anesthesia (notice the drool in the first photo), but isn't that face so precious? Don't you just want to smooch those little lips and chubby cheeks?

I will say that even when her face was covered by all those tubes and tape, I hardly saw the obstructions. All I could see was my sweet little girl. Besides, those were the things that helped to keep her alive, so I was quite thankful for them. Sure, we've traded them for the tracheostomy and the g-tube, which are also a pain... but I'm so grateful for modern medicine. I don't even want to think of where our family would be without it.

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