Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Little Dude

This post is long overdue, but I don't think I need to give any excuses; I'm sure you all understand. My precious little dude turned three on August 20th (hey, at least I'm not a full month late). Three years ago, we were announcing "It's a Boy!" to everyone. Harper is one of my very best friends. He warms my heart and makes me laugh. He is my precious little guy, and I love him so very much. Though he can be a total booger sometimes, I always cherish our quiet cuddles, sweet affection, and goofy giggles.

We had a fun little get together for his birthday party. The only missing attendee was Harper's "baby sister", as he calls her. This was the first time he was really into gift-opening, as seen in the pictures below. It was a great day. Thanks to everyone for the gift, birthday wishes, and for celebrating such a special day with us.

Even though he has a million little Cars, Jeff couldn't resist. Emma clearly thinks that Harper doesn't needed any more.

"To Harper. From mostly Mom, kinda Dad"... What could it be?

A Seattle Sounders soccer ball! Can I get a woot woot?!

He loved showing off his presents for the camera.

Another show-off! Does anyone see a theme? The kid LOVES the movie Cars.

Even though Norah was at the hospital, we were all thinking of her. And yes, he is the world's greatest brother. He is so so so sweet with her. He even kisses and hugs pictures of her.

Super cool birthday cake! Jeff had to help a bit with the candles.

My little guy has the sweetest face. Although... his cousin Logan is also making a pretty fun face in the background too!

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