Thursday, July 22, 2010

Move Along, Little Doggies

Oh, the joys of moving. Packing has been coming along nicely. We have mounds of boxes and the to-do list is getting shorter. With a little more than a week before our move date, we're feeling much more prepared than last time. I hold onto the excuse that our last move was such a mess because it was out of state and we were juggling our first baby at the same time.

Harper has been "helping" by taking things in and out of boxes. I probably don't have to specify that most of our productive time comes during Harper's nap. We're all becoming more excited as the day approaches. We were worried that my sister-in-law's oldest would be upset about our moving out... but he seems more concerned about which toys we plan to take with us... as any almost-4-year-old should.

Dottie and Dexter seem to notice that a change is coming, too. Though we'll never be able to give them their royal days between racing retirement and Harper's birth, I can't wait to give them the space that they deserve. On the subject of the dogs... we recently learned that Noodle has finally found a new home. I think of her often, and even worry at times. I hope that the long wait was due to the rescue group finding the perfect home (without small children and with a big, fenced backyard). More than anything, I hope she found a home that loves her as much as we did, do, and always will. My heart still aches deeply when I think about how we gave her up, but I just have to remind myself of the reasons that we did. (Miss you so much, my Schnoodelie Boodelie Boo...)
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