Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Crafter's Lament: UFO's

The Crafter's Lament: UFO's. No, I don't mean shiny saucers in the sky that are piloted by little green men. I'm referring to UnFinished Objects. I have a big problem here. I am quite compulsive when it comes to starting new projects. Overwhelmed by excitement, I can't help but start something new once my creativity takes hold. Call it "crafting A.D.D." if you like. My, oh, my... below is my current list of UFO's - all of which are in stages of completion that vary from materials sitting in a Joann bag to ready for the finishing touches.

1 knit hat
1 knit blanket
1 crochet washcloth - my first attempt at crochet... thanks to my MIL! :)
2 pillows (I finished the 4 I intended on, but have 2 extra pillow forms)
1 crafted gift (I can't say what in case that person reads this!)
1 kindle cover for someone else
1 iPhone case
1 handbag
3 scrapbooks
3 quilts
countless greeting cards

I must thank my mom for putting the final stitches into a fabric Snoopy book that I made for Harper. I just couldn't bring myself to complete it for some reason (ok, that reason is that I am awful at hand stitches). Thanks, Mama.

I kept this list short by not including other things that I have floating around in my head. We won't even go there. And in truth, the list should be doubly longer this since I am leaving out many of the projects that were abandoned too long ago to think about. And don't even get me started on unfinished oil paintings. I am on painting hiatus until we have the space for it again. Although, I do have a cute idea for something involving Harper's hand and foot prints and canvas. Hmmm.....

Jeff says I should focus on being happy with the projects that I do finish. Although, it seems that these days the to-do pile grows larger than the complete file. I'm sure many of you can relate. So, in the spirit of celebrating FINISHED objects, the first picture at the beginning of this post is of the four pillows (each 16x16). I'll sew new covers as the seasons/holidays change. Oh, and who can resist Harper and his first pumpkin? It will be fun to carve it together!
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