Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wife, Mom, and.... Student

From the moment I made those few mouse clicks that initiated my return to school from my maternity LOA, I felt regret. I start school again on Monday, and I'm not fully confident that I can handle this additional item on my proverbial plate. Why am I putting myself through this if I'm unsure? To be honest, I am exhausted with school. But - I have been working on my "2-year degree" for over 3 years now. I'm only 15 credits away from completing it. Though many people say that it is easiest to go back to school while children are little babies, I'm taking it slow. Hopefully, Management of Information Systems won't prove to be too difficult while juggling the many other things I have going on.

Oh - other exciting news... Our Seattle house is finally listed. Though we're doing a short sale, I hope the process doesn't take as long as so many people have said. The house cleaned up really well - check it out for yourself: I REALLY miss Seattle, but know that this path is the right one for us. Just as I hope the house sells quickly, I hope that the person that buys it will love it and give it the TLC that we were unable to.

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