Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Excitement! Rapture! Thrills and surprises around every corner!

Life can sure take some unexpected turns, can't it? We are truly thankful for all that we have. Who wouldn't be endlessly grateful for this adorable little guy? Just having him in our lives is all we could ever need in life. He is so much fun! His goofy personality shines through more and more each day. He's definitely taking after his daddy!

Though I am so appreciative of everything we have, and know things could be so much worse... times are quite stressful for our little family of six (yes that includes "the three mangies"). However, I will choose not to dwell on these things today, since I've been feeling a bit down about it all. It's more important than ever to remain positive.

Harper recently had his 6-month well-baby appointment. His shots weren't as traumatic as the others, and his new eye medicine is finally helping that blocked tear duct. We've decided that we're quite pleased with our new pediatrician. The doctor is great, she's five minutes from home, the clinic is open 24/7, and it is part of a hospital campus.

He's been a little piggy-piggy-oink-oink with the sweet potatoes. He loves the solids, but pretty much always wants milk afterward. I'm not sure if it is a comfort thing, or if he is still hungry (because he gets quite a bit of the solids). I think we're going to try bananas next. Maybe it will be fun to let him feed himself, but I'm not totally sure he's ready for that kind of exploration. He does greedily reach for the spoon when I feed him though. I know - - isn't this the most thrilling blog post ever? I'm sure you're all sooooo interested in reading about Harper's food. Next up - the effects of sweet potato on baby poop. Ok, I won't go that far (but I'm sure you can imagine).
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