Monday, April 22, 2013

Stoma Revision

Every few weeks, Norah's trach tube gets changed out. It helps prevent infection while also helping make sure the tissues don't decide to grow too much around her trach. Norah is NOT a fan of trach changes. I think they are painful and a bit scary for her. Without going into gruesome detail, I'll just say that blood, sweat, and tears are almost always involved involved. A few weeks ago, when they respiratory department tried to change her trach, they could hardly get the old one out. Which naturally meant that the clean one could barely get in either. Remember what I just said about tissues growing around her trach? That had clearly happened.

They called our ENT, who got us into the operating room that very week. He is so amazing, and takes great care of us. We were surprised at how fast everything happened, but before we knew it, we were prepping for another overnight stay in the PICU. In addition to scopes and removal of that recurring granuloma tissue, our ENT did a full tracheal (airway) stoma (hole where her trach goes) revision, where he basically cut away scar tissue and opened her stoma wider. Hopefully this will slow down that dang granuloma growth, too.

Resting after some morphine.
Recovery was much more difficult than past trips to the OR (this is Norah's sixth, for those keeping track). Her stoma was raw, but is now healing nicely. She was in so much pain when she woke from anesthesia, that we had to give narcotics this time. She would just restlessly toss and turn in my arms, crying from the pain. Fortunately, she perked up right before I went home, and we had one of our most favorite nurses ever that night (love you, Andrea). I was able to go home and rest easy that night because I knew she was getting the best care possible.

Post-op playtime after finally feeling better
As far as progress goes on getting her home, she is up to 14 hours on the home ventilator, with 3 of those being in a mode that simply supports her breaths with pressure, but makes her do much more of the work. She still has a lot of growing to do before we can talk about a homecoming. But I will say that since it won't likely be before her second birthday, we're already thinking of a day trip home for her birthday in July.

I'll do a separate blog post soon, but many have asked me about the iheartcolum5k, benefiting our sweet Norah. The facebook page is here, and the website for registration is here. Hosted by the Pack Family, it will be held on Saturday June 29th at 8:30am, in American Fork, Utah.

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