Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cranking Up the Volume

Norah finally got her hearing aids! They're cute and sparkly, but that just isn't enough to convince her of their worth. Her first reaction to being able to hear the world? Not good. She immediately began to bawl. She put on her super sad face (with her lower lip out and big genuine tears falling) to let us know that the world was too loud and too scary. Though I don't entirely disagree with her, she will get used to her hearing aids. And as she gets used to them, they'll be slowly turned up to reach typical hearing levels. We're only putting them on in short intervals in a quiet environment. She doesn't mind that too much, as seen in these photos.

We've had a really rough couple of days due to equipment issues coupled with an infection, but she is much better now that they've remedied the equipment problems. Unfortunately, the best way to treat her type of infection is with an antibiotic that she is allergic to. Poor girl. So they're pretreating her with Benadryl and Tylenol prior to running the antibiotic slowly, but she still turns bright red all over.

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