Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little Dude

Far too much time has passed since my last Harper-related post so it's time to make amends. I finally uploaded some pictures to share, including some from his second birthday party (graciously hosted by Jeff's brother Scott & his wife Des who is seriously a supermom).

Like his mama, Harper is one of the few Leos out there that does not enjoy the spotlight. His birthday party was no exception. He made a bee-line straight for the trampoline in Scott & Des' backyard.

There wasn't much we could do to tear him away from it... I'm not exaggerating. His cousins were much more interested in the presents than Harper was. We had to bring his presents to the trampoline to be opened.

This is what would happen when we would take him off the trampoline. When he wasn't hanging from the edge or bouncing happily atop the trampoline, he was screaming and crying to get back on.

As you can see from his birthday party photos and this one above, Harper was very overdue for a haircut. I generally procrastinate until I'm ready to deal with crying, screaming, squirming, and bits of hair stuck to his sucker, his mouth, and everywhere else. Neither Jeff, Harper, nor I are ready to let a stranger cut his hair, so I just do it. At this point, Jeff and I would rather deal with the tantrum at home instead of public. That's what parenthood is all about, right? Improvisation. Truly, the haircut isn't so bad with Jeff's help. By the way, this is a classic Harper face.

In September, Jeff's brother's (Ryan) wife (Julia) was in town from Georgia to see her family, so we seized the opportunity to take pictures of the trio of cousins that were all born within a short time period. We had such a good time, and it was so fun to see the three of them play together. Cooper is such a sweet little guy. (Left to right: Harper, Emma, Cooper)

   And how about this sweet face? Harper loves to play in our backyard - especially with his daddy. Sure, he's in his "terrible twos", but for the most part he's a goofy, adorable, sweet, happy boy.
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