Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Little Cuddly Bear

Good news: Harper's cast was removed this past Tuesday. We were so glad to get it off, but came home from the doctor's office with some antibiotics and a 103 degree fever. I noticed that morning that he was feeling warm, so we had the doc check him out while we were there. Turns out he had a double ear infection. By the way, I'd recommend blocking your toddler's view of their cast being removed. Whew! Cast removal was no fun at all, especially since Harper is already wary of pretty much everyone.

Harper is starting to feel better, with little thanks to the amoxicillin that he's mostly spit out. We finally found a sneaky way to get him to take it (fake jello cups are my new best friend... Why fake? We don't eat gelatin so found a commercial generic without it). His leg is improving, and seems to be fully mended. He's still limping a bit, but his confidence is increasing. The only appreciated side effect of these last few weeks is that Harper has become my little cuddly bear. He loves to quietly cuddle against me all the time now. I cherish this peaceful time with just the two of us, and will miss it when he inevitably grows out of it. Yes, he is doing it right now while I blog from my phone.
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