Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Harper twisted his ankle on Monday evening when we went down a slide together at the neighborhood park. The tears started before we made it to the bottom. He wasn't able to walk on it, so we knew something was wrong.

After plenty of tears, two visits to the doctor, and a round of x-rays, he now has a "walking cast" on his right leg. He has a minor fracture of his distal fibia, but he's not letting it slow him down. He's a brave little guy, and we're just glad it wasn't anything worse. We'll hopefully keep him busy with his new coloring books & crayons, creative fun around the house, and his new book with an Elmo puppet in it that he's been eyeing at the store for weeks. He's getting around on all fours again, but we'll see if he dares to walk on it.

Thankfully, the cast comes off in three weeks & we hope he won't need another. Again, I'm just glad it isn't worse... because I know that it could be. We're so fortunate to share our life with this precious, hilarious, clever, adorable, brave, tenacious little dude.

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