Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Hearts

On Sunday morning, Jeff got up for work at his usual hour. I've been feeling crummy thanks to a cold that I can't seem to kick, so was coherent enough to be aware of his going through his typical morning routine. He left at his normal time. I was so sad because I had hoped that he was going to surprise me by taking the day off (he had previously told me that there was no vacation available for Valentine's day). But now, I was sure that he wouldn’t go through the early-morning charade just for fun. He sent me his standard message a bit before his shift start time saying that he made it to work (plus some mushy Valentine's day stuff, too). I was up changing Harper’s diaper, feeling so sick and so tired (Harper had woken early), when Jeff suddenly came through the bedroom door bearing gifts of comfort: coffee, doughnuts, and a sickie’s care package (cold medicine, cough drops, and cheez-its). A total wreck already, I started to cry. I couldn’t help it: I was so happy, and so relieved.

We had a great day. We enjoyed a lazy but fun morning with Harper (who ate two whole doughnuts), exchanged gifts, and enjoyed each other’s company. One of my most favorite things is when we pass time quietly during Harper's nap - Jeff with a video game or other geekery, and me with my knitting or other geekery. It may not sound like much to others, but it's blissful to us. Somehow, our separate activities feel very joined. After lunch, the three of us took a stroll at the park, where we enjoyed an unseasonably warm day; it was almost 50 degrees. All in all, it was a perfect day.
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