Saturday, May 30, 2009

Green Cousins

No, Harper's cousins are not aliens... at least... not that I know of. Well, Logan does have an alien t-shirt, but I don't think that counts. Jeff and I went up to his mom's house yesterday, and Emily met us up there with Logan and Emma. Harper and Emma somehow ended up with matching green and khaki outfits (we did not plan it). We took some adorable pictures of them sitting together. It is fun to watch the two of them play together. They take toys from each other back and forth like some sort of two-person juggle. They were doing this with Jeff and Emily's phones - which I suppose Harper and Emma would consider toys. I thought the below two pictures were great together since they swapped expressions in each picture. The third picture is for comparison from December. They've grown so much! The only missing part of the photos is their other cousin Cooper in the middle.

Oh - and yes, we are hoping to pass on our good music sense by playing quality music for Harper and dressing him in his Beatles shirt!

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